A quick update

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It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything here. After coming back from Germany things went completely crazy, so I ended up neglecting the blog a bit.

It happens every once in a while; looking back through the history of this blog one quickly realizes that, among about a gazillion random notes, there are several hiatus periods when I post nothing (except for posts complaining I rarely post anyway).

Apart from that, I have been quite despondent about life in general. My country has demonstrated true vocation for stupidity, including several people I used to respect and thought I knew better. Add to that the burnout of a not-so-successful experiment and uncertainties about the future, and it becomes a miracle that I didn’t get into a depression.

But, one way or another, things kind of sort themselves out. New opportunities come up and I just need to do my part for it all not to fall apart.

For now, that includes driving an Uber; something, I hope, is only temporary. It helps getting some extra cash to catch up with my own compromises. With any luck, new opportunities might be waiting for me further down the road…

Disillusioned, I’m adventuring into a course correction. I started college again. I’m working with Atmospheric Sciences. I’m getting myself more involved with computers again… trying, perhaps, to find a way out of the mixture of all that.

I also have become more involved with Debian, trying to do everything without rebooting into that other OS…yeah, yeah, I know times have changed, and that they claim (all the time) they love Linux, but old habits die hard.

Anyway, I always wanted to become more involved with the distro. Who knows, maybe it goes forward this time, if I have the discipline and the patience I need. I have even explored the release cycle a bit, and created a python script to follow it. It fetches the number of RC bugs in UDD and posts it to a twitter account. Release doesn’t depend solely on that number, but it’s a good indication anyway. Who knows, maybe I might even get acquainted with the packaging process and finally manage to package libradtran (something I’ve been procrastinating since October).

I had other things to talk about here, but I’m gonna leave it as it is for now.

I never claimed this blog was supposed to make sense, anyway.

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