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This is going to be a short post.

Yesterday, as I was fixing up the apartment a bit, I set a playlist to play on Spotify (as I usually do). Poor neighbors, sometimes are forced to cope with my personal musical taste (sorry about the inconvenience). Its name is in portuguese and means “hits deep” (or something like that).

Music has always been a part of my life. And a big one at that. when I was a kid one of my hobbies was making mixtapes with whatever I had at arm’s reach. Usually that meant the records my parents had, alongside with the few ones I had of my own. I would create a mix, sometimes listening to it only while I recorded it, and then moved on to creating the next one. My tape collection was big so there was some time for them to eventually be listened to while I did the rounds.

I had a sony micro system, model CFS-15 (had to search a bit to find that). It had absolutely nothing special about it, but it meant the world to me. The sound boxes were detachable, and I had fun setting them in different positions and listening to the difference on the stereo sound. At the time it wasn’t the neighbors, but my brother (with whom I shared the bedroom) that had to put up with it, including in the hours before dawn.

Sony CFS-15

After that one, I had another system, just as important. An Aiwa NSX-S205, that I got for Christmas after graduating from High School (more years ago than I’d like to admit; let’s just say it’s a significant number in Star Trek TNG). This one was much more modern, had a double deck and a 3 CD caroussel, plus a lot of extra bells and whistles.

To this day I miss this one. It was taken away from me in 2002 when the house we lived in was invaded… what a system this one was. It wasn’t very powerful (compared to the average of what there was around), but it was enough to disturb a lot of people. Even more so if you consider that it was my most “metal” phase.

Music has this interesting power. It transports me back in time, like nothing else in the world can. It takes me back to moments that are forever etched in my memory, places where I lived and where I loved to live. People that I knew, things that I felt and saw.

Nostalgia is a constant companion and my kryptonite. And music is most times the remedy I have at hand to recover at least a fraction of what was left behind.

All of this went through my head as I was listening to this playlist that I embedded up there, at the beginning of the post. Then it struck me, and it’s amazing that it didn’t strike me before. Several times I’m bothered by the low frequency of posts to this blog, and I keep wondering what kind of stuff would be an interesting topic to write about here.

As the title says, this blog is about “Random Nerd Rants”. So rant I shall.

About music.

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