DebConf 20

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This is “Achievement Unlocked” for me.

I’ve been using Debian for more than 20 years. During that time, I used it more or less, but ever since first coming into contact with it, all the Free Software universe has always captivated me.

Probably Surely this has to do with the importance that that time (early College) had for me. A huge part of what I am today is a result of all that I went through back then, and involvement with computers and Linux was a huge part of it.

I spent a long time weighing the carreer choice I made in High School and the one that presented itself to me (and what do you know, here I am facing that choice once again).

I always wanted to be more involved with the development of the operating system. Partly in part because of the “new toy”, part because of the huge learning experience, and parte because of willing to be part of something big and important.

After years and years procrastinating, mishaps and empty attempts, I’m finally getting more involved. From learning software packaging, to the process of becoming a new member, culminating (for now) with participating in DebConf this year.

I didn’t send just one video; I sent two. A small shout out and a quick talk about the result of a fairly fruitful effort involving knowing Debian, coding and dedication (to be clear, my little bot:

By the way, that makes things easier in the other front, since to move forward in the new member process I need to “make myself known”. There’s always the fear of saying something dumb, or stepping on someone else’s toes, but if I learned anything on Congresses is that we need to overcome fear and have some chutzpah.

So, this is it. Just a quick note since the cold front hitting São Paulo is hitting hard, and my fingers are freezing. Typing is hard.

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